Innovative, Safe & High Value Ship Management Services

​​​​​Ishima Group Overview

The name Ishima is an acronym derived from the phrase International Ship Management. ISHIMA is a privately owned company headquartered in Singapore, endorsed by Italian Ship owning d'Amico Group, providing a service that is ideally apt to fit the needs of the 21st century ship owner. With its headquarters in Singapore, Vision encompasses a voyage of expansion, which will be constant, continuous and well constructed. Singapore allows closer proximity to major shipping routes. This provides us with opportunity to make full use of the human resources and marine services available to us. At ISHIMA we are equipped with systems that deliver the most cost effective ship management solutions, with crucial significance given to a safe atmosphere, life and environmental protection.

Innovative Safe & High Value T​echnical Management

ISHIMA is currently managing over 40 vessels.
We have a number of solutions when dealing with technical ship management. The motto we run on speaks of the need for the safety and improvement
of our Principal’s ships. This is attained by operating and maintaining vessels in a safe and efficient manner, this in turn maximizes customer satisfaction​.

Our most important Achievements

Having started out with a mere two ships, ISHIMA now manages a fleet of about 40 vessels and supervises the building of about a dozen.


​ISHIMA is dedicated to quality and environmental protection and has therefore been accredited with ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001 certification from LRS.

The Company office and fleet vessels are visited by different Oil Majors as part of their review system.



Ishima is proud to be the first company to offer a new high standard of building supervision in Vietnam, Korea, China and Japan. Ishima takes pride in providing technical support to new building projects by assisting the ship owner in all different steps; from the pre-contract process to the vessel delivery.